About SPPA

SPPA is the local community association providing a forum for discussing local issues that are important to the residents of Sandy Point and lobbying those responsible for change to keep Sandy Point the great community it is today.

SPPA (Sandy Point Progress Association) has been an active lobby group for improvements in the Sandy Point area  since formed in 1951. 

Since its formation SPPA has been an influential force in a range of local and state government initiatives for the area.  Some these include in the early days  -
  • street lighting
  • town water supply
  • release of Sandy Point from the Green Belt
  • mail service for Sandy Point
  • sealing of St George Crescent
..... in more recent times -
  • new community centre and squash court for Sandy pojnt
  • sewerage for ALL of Sandy Point
  • no to Menai mega tip
  • no airport on Holsworthy military site

"The Association has always approached these tasks with concern and enthusiasm in realising that community consultation is not a privilege but a right and knowing that the ideas and thoughts of many contributes to more rational decision making."  (Extract from "Sandy Point Secrets : A History of Sandy Point" - Compiled by Louisa Singleman)

For more history of Sandy Point get a copy of Sandy Point Secrets : A History of Sandy Point  - Compiled by Louisa Singleman.  Available from the SPPA -  email the secretary to arrange a copy.

SP Secrets 1
SP Secrets 2