Resident submission on the bridge and intersection

What one resident has written .......

Dear Murtuza

I am a resident of Sandy Point. My family and I use Heathcote Road and Deadmans Creek Bridge multiple times each day.

I fully support the need for the replacement of the Deadmans Creek Bridge and support the recommendations to implement option 1 for the new bridge construction on the upstream side of the existing bridge, as documented in the recent RMS Community Update from November 2012.

However, I believe that the proposal fails to identify the significant risk that currently exists at the intersection of St George Crescent and Heathcote Road.  This intersection has already been identified in independent surveys as a major bottleneck at peak periods on weekdays.  Traffic exiting St George Crescent is required to attempt to merge with fast flowing, bumper to bumper traffic travelling up and down the hill on Heathcote Road at speeds often above the posted speed restriction of 80 kmph.  Visibility at this intersection is severely restricted due to the curve in both roadways and entering Heathcote Road represents a obvious and significant safety hazard for residents of Sandy Point.  It would seem that the proposed new bridge and re-location of Heathcote roadway to the southwest (upstream) would be an ideal opportunity for the RMS to improve the safety of the entire stretch of roadway by reconstructing the St George Crescent intersection at the same time.  Intersections such as the one developed at Pleasure Point Road and Heathcote Road with merging lanes and road dividers would seem to be effective and I would suggest that this type of merging lane is necessary for St George Crescent also.  

I fail to understand how the RMS could be planning to spend significant funds developing a new bridge and not consider improving the intersection which is less than 100 m away and represents a higher risk for travelling motorists and the Sandy Point community.  

Could you please lodge this email for consideration and discussion by the panel accepting community feedback and be prepared by respond at the upcoming community consultation session planned for the Sandy Point Community Centre meeting on 10 and 14 November 2012.

Yours sincerely

Kevin McCarthy

Engineer and Project Manager

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